The transformational wave sweeping through ICF has disrupted established norms for a PSU of its kind and size. The management has been extremely progressive, taking a lot of customer- and employee-friendly initiatives over the last two years.

The progress, as a result, has been phenomenal. Record numbers have been turned out – Press Releases from zonal railways about this train or that going LHB abound these days.

As if this was not enough, ICF embarked on a major, yet-to-be-tried out concept. Trainsets were designed – from the first thought till the recent EIG clearance, it is an almost desi endeavour. The T-18 is a testimony enough to the proverb ‘Where there is a will, there is a way.’

Well, if you thought all these achievements were a result of grime, sweat, and blood of all staff, the General Manager downward, you are right. But, at the end of the day, everyday, the shop floor is spic and span. The hard work shows off on the tracks, not on the stained shop floor.

Courtesy: ICF
Courtesy: ICF

And, not always does one strive to play as much as work. To reinforce the strong connection between ICF and local and national sport, an international-standard hockey stadium with astro turf has been constructed. A brand new cricket facility, and indoor stadium have also sprung up.

Courtesy: The Hindu

Going green without envy? Yes, a decrepit, moss- and hyacinth-filled lake was retrieved, cleaned, dredged and is now the cynosure of all road users right across the ICF HQ.

Courtesy: ICF
Courtesy: ICF
Courtesy: ICF

Main thoroughfares leading to ICF now adorn sculptures made of industrial waste; these are an embodiment of an industrious, innovative, and a creative workforce.


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